• 3 new Active Floor games

Spin it

Spin it, better known as ‘spin the bottle’, is a game where the participants either have to perform various activities or answer questions.

The players stand in a circle on the floor with the empty bottle placed in the middle. One of the players steps on the bottle to make it spin. The person to whom the bottle points when it stops has to either carry out an activity or answer the question that pops up. When the player has completed the task, she/he has to spin to bottle.

In this game, the players can learn a lot of things about the other players, or simply challenge the others e.g. to do 10 push-ups.

This game stimulates self-understanding as the participants get their own individual and challenging activities/questions, which they have time to reflect on.

2-10 players can play this fun game at once.

Physical Activity
Cognitive Learning