About us

ActiveFloor is a family-owned business, founded in the Spring of 2015. We have always worked with different kinds of technology – and we strongly believe that learning should be fun!

As a result, we began the development of a concept – interactive learning floors – which we are now selling to schools, kindergartens and hospitals etc. across the world. Our interactive concept is the reason why we, in both 2019 and 2020, were awarded the Best of Bett Award – the kids’ award in London; and the Best Product to Promote Fitness, Sports & Health in the Classroom at the GESS Awards 2019 in Dubai 🏆🏆🏆

Meet the team

<center>Brian Würtz</center>

Brian Würtz

<center>Simone Sommer Würtz</center>

Simone Sommer Würtz

Concept Developer
<center>Louise Würtz</center>

Louise Würtz

Customer Succes Manager
<center>Kasper Duncker</center>

Kasper Duncker

<center>Sally Blank</center>

Sally Blank

Channel Manager US
<center>René Juncher Michelsen</center>

René Juncher Michelsen

Key Account Manager
<center>Thomas Sassersson</center>

Thomas Sassersson

Key Account Manager
<center>Henriette Rasmussen</center>

Henriette Rasmussen

Financial Controller
<center>Anja Karina Hansen</center>

Anja Karina Hansen

<center>Abby Smith</center>

Abby Smith

K-12 Education Specialist
<center>Frida Ariyanti Rizali</center>

Frida Ariyanti Rizali

Graphic Designer
<center>Anita Trosbjerg Nielsen</center>

Anita Trosbjerg Nielsen

Multimedia Designer
<center>Andreas Jensen</center>

Andreas Jensen

Software Developer
<center>Daniel Jallov</center>

Daniel Jallov

Software Developer
<center>Thomas Emil Sørensen</center>

Thomas Emil Sørensen

Software Developer
<center>Emilia Antal</center>

Emilia Antal

Software Developer
<center>Casper Bræmer</center>

Casper Bræmer

Research & Development Manager
<center>Kasper Nielsen</center>

Kasper Nielsen

Quality Control Manager
<center>Peter Jensen</center>

Peter Jensen

Warehouse & Logistics Manager
<center>Alan McDonald</center>

Alan McDonald

Service & Support US
<center>Anees Ur Rehman</center>

Anees Ur Rehman

<center>Rasmus Olsen Grøn</center>

Rasmus Olsen Grøn

<center>Lars Lang</center>

Lars Lang

<center>Nickolas Skyhøj Hjersted</center>

Nickolas Skyhøj Hjersted

<center>Elizabeth Overgaard Johnsen</center>

Elizabeth Overgaard Johnsen

<center>Aleksander Madsen</center>

Aleksander Madsen


Our vision


Our aim is to contribute to learning through movement and play by using technology to create an engaging, and therefore, favourable interaction learning environment.


The world needs a supplementary way of learning which includes movement – this is what our interactive learning environment offers.

That is why we have created the ActiveFloor-concept: a concept that, in addition to offering the physical settings to an interactive learning environment, also provides the relevant educational tools and content while allowing the user to create their own material.

Over time, this will bring about economical and obtainable solutions – available to everyone.


ActiveFloor aims to become the world’s chief provider of interactive learning floors which use play and movement and create joy.

And for it to be recognised as a fact.