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If it were natural for children to sit still and, in that way, learn and develop their skills, why do they play and fantasize as they do? Learning through play and movement is vital for the children’s development. Play and movement help to further the memory, motivation, teamwork, communication, creativity and social skills.

This is the exact reason why play, learning and movement are the essence of the learning games and game templates in ActiveFloor. Play and movement are tools which help to catch the attention of children of all ages and get everyone to join i

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Your personal online platform

In a very few minutes you can create your very own interactive learning games. With a login to ActiveFloor’s Online Platform, you can develop games by use of any mobile device or computer. You decide in which game universe your content is made, and which subject, theme and age group it is tailored to. You can also set the children homework where they have to develop their own games.

ActiveFloor provides you and your colleagues with a course on how to make your own games. You do not need any particular skills in IT to participate, we only need three hours of your time – after this, you will be ready to create and copy content for your very own interactive teaching.


Here you get an overview of the games that you have created. You can also find games others have made, inside the “play library”.


Here, you can create a memory game. You have to make one pair at a time – a pair can be made up of two pictures, one picture and a text or a picture and an audio file.


When you create a game, you can see a preview of the game before making your game public on the floor.

 “I am particularly thrilled that there is so much varied content in the games. I am sometimes still surprised at how many possibilities of combinations there are in the same game, and how creative you get to be … and then I think that it is just great that my 20-year-old students are just as crazed about ActiveFloor as my six-year-old students are.” 

“We work with digitization and to make the children interested in the digital world. It’s a way to activate the children so they will not sit passively in class. There is no doubt that ActiveFloor will be a good investment. ”

“The great thing about ActiveFloor is that I can create my own content for the games, so they relate to my classes no matter what subject or age group I am teaching. For example, I made a game about Anne Frank who the students were to learn about.”

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learning games

Interactive learning game templates

ActiveFloor has developed a great number of learning games that are ready for use, but teachers as well as students can easily make their very own learning content, by uploading their own content through our website, and thereby creating their own games.

Do you teach maths, English or science? You can decide the content and the degree of difficulty that suit you. It is also possible for the children to make their own games, and in that way repeat and communicate the knowledge they have gained. In addition, there are games which primary function is to entertain or stimulate the children; these are particularly useful if you simply want to bring physical activity into daily life.

Our game templates are divided into several categories and have different features.

Let’s make learning through movement a part of the daily routine!

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