Interactive Floor solutions

At ActiveFloor, we have developed various types of interactive floor solutions, all of which encourage movement, challenge you to new learning and at the same time provide great joy in everyday life.


The interactive floor

Our interactive floor that you know from schools, kindergartens, libraries, hospitals and many other places.



SPORTsWall is the new boy in the class!

As the name indicates, this is our answer to a solution for the wall. Here you can play most of the games you know from the floor on the wall; and instead of using your feet you throw with balls.


A giant interactive floor

Imagine ActiveFloor’s interactive floor, just bigger – 6 times bigger! It has now become possible to deliver interactive floors that are 6-12 m wide!

An interactive floor
– what is that?

ActiveFloor’s interactive floor consists of three main elements:

1. A ceiling-mounted installation box with a projector and a computer.

2. A camera that tracks movement.

3. A white vinyl floor that makes up the foundation of your interactive playing area. 

Place the interactive floor in a room or hallway occupied by the children, and derive full advantage of the floor.

Hardware models

ActiveFloor ONE

ActiveFloor ONE is the ideal solution for nurseries and kindergartens. Compared to the PRO and MAX, the ONE solution a physically smaller floor – which does not have much impact on young children.

ActiveFloor MOBILE

ActiveFloor Mobile is our mobile solution that easily can be transported between different locations. The mobile solution has the same floor size as ActiveFloor ONE and does also has the same software as the ceiling-mounted ActiveFloor solutions.

ActiveFloor PRO2

ActiveFloor PRO2 has a larger floor than ActiveFloor ONE and is therefore the ideal solution for schools, libraries and in various children’s hospitals departments as well as after-school centers.

ActiveFloor MAX

ActiveFloor MAX is our largest model and has the largest floor. MAX has stronger brightness and is therefore ideal in bright rooms.

ActiveFloor GIGA

Want to make the gym for an even more attractive place to be?

With our new camera it is now possible to make everything much bigger!

You can now have ActiveFloor in the gym – play all the games you already know from the regular models – but now the games are just gigantic! Imagine playing PirateIsland, JungleGame or BikeRace when the floor is 16x bigger than you are used to!

SPORTsWall by ActiveFloor

Imagine an interactive wall with a lot of different sports and activity games that can be used for physical training or teaching and where you use your hands or balls to play the games. This interactive product is perfect for physical learning – but can also be easily used for the regular class in all subjects.

How? Because we have adopted our learning platform – better known as MyFloor – where you can create your own learning game that suits your teaching. Which means SPORTsWall is compatible with ActiveFloors content.

ActiveFloor installation consists of:

  • Vinyl floor (3x4 metres).

  • Wireless keyboard.

  • Projector Remote Control

  • 16:10 projector kit.

  • Tracking camera.

  • Installation box & installation materials.

  • PC with Windows 10.

  • Standard speakers.

  • Hotline service agreement with on-site service.

ActiveFloor installations

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