Our ActiveFloor Ambassadors

“The great thing about ActiveFloor is that everybody gets a chance to show that they are good at something.

Some are good at solving equations, others have a great memory, and everyone (especially boys) loves to compete. Some students have to be pushed a bit which is also a really good and educational challenge. Actually, you can use the same learning content in Active Floor numerous times across the various games. For example, you can use it in Memory where you have the time to practice and discuss the results, and then reuse it in Danger in the Jungle where the students have to think fast and get to compete with each other.”

Jesper Albinus, Denmark

Mathematics teacher, author & educational developer at MyFloor, ActiveFloor

“ActiveFloor’s gaming system satisfies students at all levels.

I’m able to implement the interactive learning games with those having special needs also, (from non-verbal and severe autism to wheelchair users). Whether it’s one of the learning games, sensory games or an activity like soccer to encourage good behavior, all of my 750 students are able to participate in one way or another.

Rather than repeating drills in a way that may otherwise cause kids to burn out and lose interest, ActiveFloor combines play and learning together, that keep the kids’ interest.”

Emily King, USA

Technology Teacher at Toll Gate Elementary School in Pickerington, Ohio

“I am particularly thrilled that there is so much varied content in the games.

I am sometimes still surprised at how many possibilities of combinations there are in the same game, and how creative you get to be … and then I think that it is just great that my 20-year-old students are just as crazed about ActiveFloor as my six-year-old students are. I would definitely recommend ActiveFloor to others – but right now, it is a huge advantage for us that we’re the only ones in Croatia who have it; we’re very pleased that no other schools have had the same idea yet.”

Dario Caljkusic, Croatia

German and English teacher at Pappagallo Language School in Split, Croatia

“The kids are queuing up to try the floor – they absolutely love it!

ActiveFloor is really good for project and teamwork, and it has benefitted on the social scale as well. Now the children aren’t standing in separate corners – they are working and playing together.

I will, without a doubt, recommend ActiveFloor to others. I am very pleased with the user-friendly floor, the good service and, apart from that, the fact that ActiveFloor is cost-effective.”

Vasiliy Leschuk, Ukraine

CIO at The British International School in Ukraine

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