New features in MyFloor

4. maj 2021

No more commuting between the floor and the library

Are you in the library looking for new games but have forgotten which games are on your floor?

Now you can see if a game is on your floor directly in the game library. If a game is on your floor, there is now a small text saying, “on my floor!”, in the lower left corner of the game.

It’s the same with playlists – neat, right? 

Borrow game content from other users and make it your own

We used to have the feature ‘translate game’. This has now been replaced by the feature ‘copy game’. This means that you can copy the game, and even better; make it your own! You can translate it, change the pictures, create new questions, and add new tags to it: age group, theme etc. Actually, you can change or keep all the content you would like.

Now it will be even easier and faster to tailor the games to your needs.
It’s a win-win situation!

Sharing content is great, right?

We love that we are able to share game content with each other across countries, schools, kindergartens etc.

But… If you have a game that you don’t want other people to copy, you can mark it as ‘Copy protected’ when you create it, or you can edit it later in the game’s ‘Base information’.

NB: if your game has already been copied, the ’copy protected’-feature will only work when a new user tries to copy it. This means that previously made copies cannot be deleted.

Extra info: You can find all the latest MyFloor updates in the change log by clicking the small v in the lower left corner of the MyFloor-page.