Active Floor installation

16:10 projector kit

Kinect 2 camera

Standard speaker

Installation box – simplifies the installation

Service agreement including onsite service

Hotline service

Hosting with quarterly user report

Vinyl floor 3 x 4 metres

PC Windows 8/10

Wireless keyboard

Installation material


Installation box


Vinyl floor


Projectors light up the floor and kinect-camera tracks movements.

Online platform

  • Frontpage

  • Menu

    Here you can edit how the menu should looks like.

  • Library

    In the library there is a multitude of published games that you can add to your menu, copy or be inspired by.

  • Memory

    To create a memory game, you must create one pair at a time. Either upload a picture and a text or upload to two pictures.

  • Combination lake

    In Combination lake you can upload 17 graphic, who will be on top of the water lilies in the game.

  • TV-room

    In the TV-room you upload the link for the videos to be played in the game.

On Active Floor’s online platform, you can create and copy content to your games.



The software features a unique license to ensure that only your users can use the installation and your games.

Game library

The software also features a game library, where we regularly publish game content aimed at various age groups, learning goals and themes.


The software is regularly updated with improvements and new game templates.