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Embodied Learning | ActiveFloor

Let’s talk about how ActiveFloor can have a positively impact children’s development from the perspective of Embodied Learning (EL) 🤸💕

Why is Embodied Learning Important?

Embodied learning is a vital perspective that must be considered in shaping the future of education. It emphasizes the integration of both mind and body in the learning process, recognizing that knowledge acquisition is not limited to cognitive activities alone. Instead, it highlights the significance of engaging students through physical experiences, movement, and sensory involvement.

What is the benefits of Embodied Learning?

When children engage in traditional free play at school, they experience many benefits by focusing on EL. During playtime, they use their senses and interact with the environment, which helps them develop in different areas.

EL combines the body and mind in the learning process and has been proven to enhance children’s development in three areas;

  • the physical development
  • the cognitive development
  • and the socio-emotional development.

Implementing EL in the learning process has a positive effect on educational performance. Not only does it improve memory and the transfer of learning to other areas, but it also fosters a positive attitude towards learning. Physical actions during embodied learning also enhance immersion and the understanding of the content being learned.

Empower Embodied Learning in Education with ActiveFloor!

Many interactive playgrounds in the EL approach have been designed to develop at least one of the three development areas of EL, but ActiveFloor is designed to effectively address all three development areas!

ActiveFloor significantly improves children’s overall development, with a particular emphasis on the cognitive and socio-emotional areas. Advanced interactive playgrounds play an increasingly important role in enhancing education environments in the future. Therefore, the use of technologically-based EL tools like the ActiveFloor has the potential to greatly improve child development as a whole.

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