NEW US Content at MyFloor!

US interactive content

We are proud to announce our new creation of unique US content og games that aligns perfectly with the high standards and complexity of the US Common Core learning goals. Our new content is created in collaboration with our US sales partner – PowerUp EDU. By creating this exceptional educational material, our goal is to provide an enriching learning experience to all students in the US! We have talked with Maggie from PowerUp EDU and let her explain their thoughts behind the creation proces of the content. Read interview today! 👇

Maggie PowerUpEDU

Who is the US content created for?

This material is created for teachers and leaders in classrooms and schools across the United States, as well as globally for those covering subjects such as English, American History, American Government, Geography, Science, Math, and more.

What is our goal with the US content? 

The goal was to create top-notch instructional content that aligned with US teaching standards. Considering the unique standards in each state, we aimed to address the common content standards found across most states. Our approach involved developing playlists to supplement classroom instruction and designing interactive games and applications for students to apply their learning creatively.

When is this US content used? 

Our vision is for global teachers to utilize this content to enrich and broaden their students’ learning experiences. We specifically encourage teachers to seamlessly integrate this content into their daily instruction. In the United States, we hope teachers perceive it as a valuable addition that aligns with their daily standards and becomes a regular part of their classroom routines. Ultimately, our goal is for students to actively engage in learning and play on the ActiveFloor on a daily basis.

Why is the specific subjects/topics chosen? 

In the US, we aligned our project with specific state standards derived from the Common Core State Standards. We prioritized creating playlists and games that match the rigor and language of these standards, rather than retrofitting them later. Our topic selection was based on the importance in US educational standards and filling gaps identified through the MyFloor Portal. A strength of standards-based instruction is integrating content across subject areas, and our games support multiple standards simultaneously, even across different subjects.
By providing teachers with high-quality, relevant, and standard-aligned content, we empower them to utilize the ActiveFloor for an enhanced and enjoyable learning experience for their students. This adds significant value to their educational journey.

How do the US and Europe differ in terms of instructional standards? 

In this project, we focused on the unique historical and geographical standards of the United States. These standards may not have been available for translation from another language in the MyFloor Portal. Additionally, instructional approaches and frameworks can vary between countries. We collaborated extensively to ensure that our content aligns with the instructional framework used in US schools and districts.

How to access the new US content in MyFloor?

You will find the games and playlists by searching in the library at author ActiveFloor USA. The content is already tagged by subject area as well as by key vocabulary associated with the topic. This makes it easy to find in different ways!

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